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Personal Injury
First and foremost, we care about our clients as individuals. We show how much we care by providing hands on attention in every personal injury and wrongful death case we handle. When you choose the Florida based law firm of Bender, Bender & Chandler, P.A. to handle you case, you will get personal attention from an experienced attorney. While personal attention is important, you also have the right to expect results. We pride ourselves on providing excellent results. Our lawyers have a long record of success in personal injury cases both with respect to the pursuit of Plaintiff’s claims and defending individuals and businesses in actions brought against them by tort claimants.

Our firm’s structure fosters personal relationships with our clients who are fully informed during the entire litigation process.
Many people may never need the services of an accident attorney. Yet, in a split second, you could find yourself or someone you care about injured. Our advice is to have a seasoned and knowledgeable attorney from the start of the incident and prior to any contact with any insurance company representative.

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