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Estate Planning, Probate and Trust Law
Estate Planning is a term that is sometimes misinterpreted. However, the true meaning of the term involves a comprehensive effort to examine the assets owned by an individual or married couple, consider their objectives for disposing of their assets during life or at death, and minimizing the taxes paid as a result of either lifetime or death transfers.
Estate Planning in Florida is more than just drafting a Will with the assistance of an estate planning attorney. Rather, it integrates four (4) separate considerations:
  • The type of assets
  • Personal desires regarding transfer of assets during life or upon death
  • Tax considerations
  • Entity selection with respect to accomplishing transfers such as creation of intervivos trust, family limited partnerships, etc.
All four (4) must be considered to ensure that individual or married couples’s wishes are effectively accomplished during life and at death.
While estate planning has traditionally involved a well-drafted Will to lay out someone’s desires for their estates, it also involves the use of various trusts, annual giving programs, and family limited partnerships as tools for estate planning.
At the Law Offices of Bender, Bender & Chandler, P.A. our attorneys also represent clients in all matters of probate and trust matters and disputes. As trial lawyers, we are able to handle any probate or trust issues, including those involving Will contests, contested probate and trust matters such as:
  • Probating estates and trust administration
  • Contested conservatorship
  • Will contests
  • Financial elder abuse
  • Beneficiary claims against a Will or trust
  • Creditor claims against a Will or trust
  • Petitions for special administration
  • Trust litigation
  • Testamentary capacity and undue influence issues
  • Contested executorships
  • Trust reformation
  • Claims against fiduciaries
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